Music Press 9.0 Ships

Graphire Corporation releases Music Press 9.0 for Windows and Macintosh.

WILDER, Vermont, USA - November 30, 2000 - Graphire Corporation announced today the release of Music Press 9.0, a new cross-platform version of its professional music typesetting software. Music Press is already used world-wide on the Macintosh, and is now available for the more popular Windows operating system.

Music Press is widely known for its superior output quality, intuitive interface, and high-powered professional features. The 9.0 release offers many new features and refinements, resulting in a program that can operate in the most demanding high-pressure environments and handle the most intricate scores while retaining its famous ease of use.

Music Press is seamlessly cross-platform compatible--files from one platform may be opened on the other without any conversion process and will look identical. The Windows version is a native Windows program that utilizes modern Windows interface features and embraces the Windows look and feel. The Macintosh version is also fully native and retains its original interface.

Music Press is available directly from Graphire for $895 USD (plus shipping). It is compatible with Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0, and 2000, and Mac OS 7 and up. Full details of the program and pricing are available on the Web at, or from Graphire Corporation at PO Box 1927, Wilder, VT 05088-1927; +1-802-296-2515;

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